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June Atkinson
NC Superintendent
of Public Instruction


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John Wilson

Fmr. director of NC Association of Educators and went on to head the National Education Assn. in Washington


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David Price
US Congressman

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Bob Etheridge
Frm. US Congressman


Chris Corchiani


Amaka Flynn


Steve Rao
Morrisville Councilman


Chris Heagarty
Former NC Representative



Dr. Oliver Williams

Fmr. Raleigh Councilman



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Rep. Hall appearing "On the Record" with David Crabtree, Laura Leslie and Rep. Nelson Dollar to discuss the Budget.



I am proud to announce that I have filed to run for re-election to the North Carolina House of Representatives!  It has been an honor to serve the residents of Raleigh and Cary, and I look forward to continuing.

In my first term, I was able to sponsor and pass legislation that has now become North Carolina law!  I was also honored to have been elected by my colleagues in the House to serve as the Minority Freshman Leader.

As a practicing attorney, the Speaker appointed me to serve on the North Carolina Courts Commission. Between sessions, I became one of the few minority Freshmen appointed to two non standing Legislative Research Committees, the House Committee on Mechanics Liens and Leasehold Improvements, and the House Committee on Property Owner Protection and Rights.

Several other bills I have written are also making their way through the Legislature. I authored a bill to protect our online privacy that has passed the House and headed to the Senate. A Juvenile bill that I sponsored, passed 2nd reading in the House, and will stop North Carolina from being one of only two states that continue to treat our children as adults.  Both bills have heavy bi-partisan support and were co-sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans.

Despite much of the above that I feel are genuine accomplishments to move North Carolina in the right direction, there was a great deal that happened last year with which I did not agree. I spoke out on the House floor and offered several amendments to fix the voter ID bill that will disproportionately place voting hurdles before the elderly and minorities.  I also voted and spoke out against the drastic cuts to education.

League of Conservation Voters

My voting record on the environment earned a perfect 100% grade from the League of Conservation Voters! But my Republican colleagues weakened numerous environmental protections, including the Jordan Lake Rules, which will have detrimental effects on the drinking water for our district.

I stood with Planned Parenthood to oppose legislation that made it harder for women to protect their health and make their own decisions.  

   Planned Parenthood                                                                                            

However, one of the most disheartening moments for me was the majority’s refusal to participate, as even most Republican states have, in the federal expansion of Medicaid.  That vote took away the chance for more than a half million North Carolinians to have health insurance. 

This Legislature needs to change, and I hope you’ll join me in those efforts. If you agree with the work and votes of my first term, I hope that you will help by sharing this announcement with friends and then becoming involved in the campaign!


Sincerely, Duane




Photographs of the fundraising reception in honor of
Representative Duane Hall on December 2013


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Rep. Hall on Time Warner's News 14, North Carolina Capital Tonight with Rep. David Lewis. Topics discussed are vouchers, incentives and the end of the 2014 short session.

NC House District 11

Why I am running -

Broken Republican Promises:

The Republican Majority ran on promises of new jobs, but then they put thousands of teachers and state employees out of work. Instead of jobs they’ve focused on a fundamentalist social agenda, rolling back personal rights and civil liberties on reproductive choice, voting rights, even what defines a family.

Standing Up for Public Education:

The Republicans have starved our schools and universities, pleading poverty while cutting taxes for their campaign contributors. North Carolina is now 49th in the nation in per pupil spending! I’m running for the House to reverse the damaging Republican cuts to education that are foreclosing our future.

Restoring Our State’s Economic Leadership:

An educated work force and a culture of innovation, not third-world labor conditions, attract the higher salaried jobs that have made our community one of the best places to do business in America. We need to return to the vision of leaders like Terry Sanford and Jim Hunt rather than retreat from the investments that built our state.

I hope you’ll join me in my campaign for real economic growth, restoring public education, and protecting our individual rights and personal freedoms.


Elaine F. Marshall - Secretary of State
Marshall"While on the campaign trail with Duane, I learned about his political values and his commitment to our community and our state. I am confident that he will serve us well in the state legislature."
Elaine F. Marshall,
Secretary of State

Representative Jennifer Weiss

Jennifer Weiss"I am excited about Duane Hall's candidacy for the NC House District 11. He has deep roots in the District and is eager to be a progressive voice for the people of Raleigh and Cary".

- Representative Jennifer Weiss
Carolyn Honeycutt - Past President NC Democratic Women

Carolyn Honeycutt“I’ve known Duane since he worked at the State Democratic Party in the 1980’s. 

I’m supporting him because of his lifelong dedication and commitment to progressive causes.

As a member of The North Carolina Student Legislature, Duane co-sponsored a bill 25 years ago making it illegal for a man to rape his wife.

Today he’s committed to stopping the legislature’s vicious assault on a woman’s right to choose.

Duane will also fight to ensure the legislature doesn’t disenfranchise thousands of elderly and minority voters through their Voter ID legislation.

I hope you’ll join me, and support Duane Hall for the North Carolina House.”


Ruth Merkle, Cary, NC

Ruth Merkle“I’ve worked for several Representatives in the General Assembly, and have seen what it takes to be a successful member of the legislature.

I’ve worked with Duane both on campaigns and in the Wake Democratic Party.

I’m supporting him because I know he’ll be a strong advocate for women’s issues.

He’s made it a priority of his campaign to oppose the recent anti choice legislation that will place a heavy burden on women.

Duane will also work hard to reverse recent cuts to teaching positions; that will disproportionately affect North Carolina’s women.

I hope you’ll join me, and help elect Duane Hall to the North Carolina House of Representatives.”

Ruth Merkle, Cary, NC
-Legislative Assistant
-Vice chair Wake Democratic Men
-Vice Chair Cary Democrats